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APEX is a proprietary system designed to process and mine data at exceptionally high rates. When you purchase an APEX Technology Pack, you can then immediately lease it to a data technology company called SAFETek. SAFETek then pays you a lease payment of $500/month for each APEX Technology Pack you own for 60 months, generating passive income each month for 5 years.

APEX Technology Packs

Each APEX Technology Pack includes:

  • Combination of proprietary Hardware, Software, and Firmware
  • Capable of multi-purposed computational power
  • Modular Hardware and Firmware enabling generational upgrades
  • Immersion cooling technology to maximize longevity and performance
  • Total Protection Plus purchase protection plan to guarantee the original purchase price

APEX gives you the opportunity to own Data Technology Assets

SAFETek Partnership

SAFETek is also a wholly-owned subsidiary of Investview Inc., a public company that trades under the symbol OTCQB:INVU.  As a rapidly expanding player in the data technology marketplace, they are leveraging APEX technology to gain a competitive advantage while utilizing a lease program to maximize profitability and growth.

SAFETek will lease your equipment for $500 per month for 60 months for each APEX pack. Once SAFEtek leases your equipment, they take full responsibility for costs, operations, and liabilities associated with running and maintaining the equipment.

  • World-class Data Center, Software, Infrastructure, and A.I. Teams
  • Leverages APEX technology to capitalize on multiple emerging industries
  • Pays $500/month lease to APEX technology owners for 60 months
  • SAFETek is responsible for all APEX maintenance, upkeep, liability and functionality during the full lease period

Learn more about SAFETek by visiting safeteksolutions.com

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APEX Tek LLC and SAFETek LLC  are wholly owned subsidiaries of Investview Inc., a public company that trades under the symbol: OTCQB:INVU